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CN Garnet abrasive


    About CN Garnet abrasive

    CNTM Garnet are composed of natural Almandine rock garnet grains and has been famous for its natural hardness, more angular, sharper edges, durability and abrasive characteristics, that meet all Occupational Health and Safety requirements, as well as being environmentally inert.

    Benefiting from its natural almandine rock garnet mine resource in North China, CN Garnet abrasives provide a perfect symbiosis of grain size, density and hardness/durability ensuring optimum abrasive efficiency in terms of lowest abrasive consumption and highest production rates at safe environmental and health conditions.

    It is a cost effective alternative to silica sand, mineral slags, steel grits and shot due to low consumption (kg/m2) and high productivity (m2/hr) and the superior toughness and low friability enables it to be recycled 6 -10 times depending on the application

    Mined by the leading producer of industrial garnet,Rizhao Garnet Ltd in North China, CN Garnet abrasives are processed to the highest quality standards in respect of mineral purity and meet the stringent requirements of ISO 11126-10:2000E for chloride and free silica content. It is free of metallic iron making it suitable for all areas of surface preparation including stainless steel, anti-magnetic steel and all specialty alloys. Special fine grades of CN Garnet abrasives are also available for aluminum, turbine blades, fibreglass and other specialist surface preparation applications.

    CN Garnet abrasives are used for abrasive blast cleaning in various industries. It is approved by major oil companies, shipyards as well as large and small clients around the world including major paint manufacturers

    Advantages over Other Abrasives

    Cost-effective Blast Cleaning
    CN Garnet abrasives are a more cost-effective solution over other abrasives. Contact Us to find out how we can help you achieve quality results at lower costs.

    Low Dusting
    Blast cleaning using CN Garnet abrasives provides significantly lower dust emissions due to its inherent material toughness and rapid settling as a result of high specific gravity. This ensures minimum disruption and danger to adjoining operations and improved operator visibility and safety

    High Productivity
    Very fast cutting is achieved with speed, large number and shape of grains impacting on the surface. The acceleration and speed of a grain in an air stream is a function of the inertia and hence the size of the grain. Smaller grains accelerate much more readily and impart higher impact energy to surfaces resulting in a superior cleaning rate - usually twice the m2/hr of conventional abrasives.

    Low Consumption
    The unique grain size ensures that there are many more active grains impacting the surface and this greatly reduces abrasive consumption

    Superior Surface Quality
    CN Garnet grains clean deep into the cavities and pitted areas down to the bare metal, thoroughly removing all rust, soluble salts and other contaminations. The blasted surface is free of embedment and rogue peaks and troughs. SA3 White Metal is effortlessly achieved. A surface profile of 50 - 75 microns is also easily achieved along with a much greater number of peaks per unit area.

    Improved Health and Safety and Environment
    CN Garnet abrasives are non-toxic with no silicosis hazard or risk of contamination from leachable heavy metals or radioactive substances. Lower consumption and recyclability enables greatly reduced disposal volumes

    CN Garnet abrasives are suitable for multiple usages and can be recycled 6 times or more without losing its superior cutting ability.

    Surface Cleanliness
    The ability of a paint system to adhere to the substrate and resist corrosion is determined by the cleanliness and profile of the substrate. By using of CN Garnet abrasives as recommended provide the highest quality with the following benefits:

    Even Profile:

    The shape and size of CN Garnet grains provide an even profile of 50 - 75 microns (controlled by blast pressure and air flow) ensuring maximum surface area and number of peaks (reactive sites) for enhanced bonding. The use of CN Garnet abrasives totally eliminate rogue peaks and troughs leading to a direct reduction in paint amount needed

    Low Dust: CN Garnet abrasives lower dust emissions and dust incidences on the workpiece providing reduced cleaning after blasting and less contamination of the work area.

    Improved Surface Cleanliness: There is almost no embedment on the substrate as the scouring action of the natural CN Garnet grains removes all salts, corrosion and contaminants from within deeply corroded and pitted areas. It meets all international specifications for chlorides and silica (ISO 11126-10:2000E).

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